• spanish course in santa cruz la laguna, lake atitlan

  • spanish school courses atitlan
    We offer private Spanish lessons for language students of beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish levels. These private Spanish lessons are offered to students of all ages.
  • Private lessons are for you if you have a very particular learning style, limited time to learn Spanish, or need to focus on specific topics for better learning.
  • intensive spanish courses intensive SPANISH COURSE

    It is designed for people who want to learn or perfect their language skills from beginner to advanced levels while enjoying their free time. Combine a relaxing holiday abroad with 20hrs spanish lessons a week.
  • intensive spanish courses SPANISH COURse for travelers

    If Guatemala, Central or South America is your destination, learning Spanish will dramatically improve your holiday experience.
  • intensive spanish courses RESIDENT SPANISH COURSE

    Discover how learning Spanish will make your new life in Latin America a lot more rich and complete. Special emphasis is placed on listening and speaking. Importance is also given to the cultural and social aspects of Guatemala and Lake Atitlan community.
  • intensive spanish courses SPANISH COURSE FOR FAMILIES

    Course for families that wish to combine family holidays with learning the Spanish language (also for mothers or fathers that are travelling alone with their children)
  • intensive spanish courses SPANISH COURSE ON-LINE

    Wherever you want. The Distance, place or time doesn´t matter anymore. With our online Spanish courses you can learn Spanish easily, or you can practice it by setting your own pace and progress.


    intensive spanish courses Spanish lessons at home

    If you live in Lake Atitlan and if for any reason, it's sometimes hard to leave your home or office, we can send a teacher right to your door, perfectly prepared and equipped with all the tools to teach a class in the exact same way that we do at our school.

Stay at our lake front hotel

We also manages a really nice Lake front Hotel with 4 different bungalows and rooms with in our back garden with private bathrooms and hot showers.

rent a house IN LAKE ATITLAN

Our School can recommend and give suggestion about renting a lake front private house for you and your family and enjoy every minute of your time!

host family & host stay

Living with a local family gives you the opportunity to get the best out of the course, to get to know the food, the culture and the traditional customs.

Things to do nearby

Our school is based in the perfect location to enjoy, birdwatching, hiking, kayaking, explore nearby villages and / or go swimming in our tuquoise waters!