Looking for the best spanish school?

Santa Cruz Spanish School, is based in one of the best placest to stay and learn spanish in Guatemala. We provide highly qualified spanish one to one instructions, private Spanish lessons for students of beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish levels. Families are welcome with their kids to learn spanish with us.

Choose from 1 week intensive to 3 month one to one private spanish course 4hrs per day and add 1 hour comversational calsses in the afternoon. Still with of time to explore around.
Course for families that wish to combine family holidays with learning the Spanish language (also for mothers or fathers that are travelling alone with their children)
This is the right Traveler spanish course. If Guatemala, Central or South America is your destination, learning Spanish will dramatically improve your holiday experience.
Discover how learning Spanish will make your new life in Latin America a lot more rich and complete. Special emphasis is placed on listening and speaking.

Best Spanish School spanish school reviews, lake atitlan, guatemala

We knew from our very first class, Santa Cruz Spanish School was exactly what we'd been looking for. The entire staff has it all going for them.... More

The Place to Learn Spanishspanish school reviews, lake atitlan, guatemala

My teacher (in a one-on-one setting) was phenomenal! All this in addition to being in one of the most beautiful settings on earth! More

Great Spot to learn Spanish spanish school reviews, lake atitlan, guatemala

I had a great teacher - Dolores - who was incredibly patient and very professional. She followed a plan and in two weeks I got a great... More

Great Spot to learn Spanish spanish school reviews, lake atitlan, guatemala

The staff here are so helpful and accomodating, we only stayed a week but we learnt enough to touch up on some Spanish before out trip... More